Executive Team

Barbara Fasola

Barbara Fasola is the Chief Executive Officer for DialCare, Careington International Corporation and its affiliate companies. Her extensive experience in the discount health care space gives her the product knowledge, market awareness and visionary leadership that contribute daily to DialCare's success. In addition to her career with DialCare, Barbara serves on the board of the Consumer Health Alliance (CHA), an organization that advocates for consumers' rights to choose affordable and practical, non-insured health care products and services. She is also founder of the non-profit organization Families of World War II Veterans, an organization dedicated to providing need-based scholarships while preserving the legacy of our nation's World War II veterans.

Stewart Sweda: Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Stewart Sweda

Stewart Sweda serves as Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for DialCare, Careington International Corporation and its affiliate companies. Stewart oversees sales development, an in-house high-performance sales unit, marketing, corporate communications, provider relations and network development. Stewart is a long-time contributing member of the National Association of Dental Plans (NADP) and Consumer Health Alliance (CHA). In addition to speaking nationally about the discount health care industry, Stewart serves on the board of directors for non-profit organization Families of World War II Veterans.

Melissa Baumann: Chief Financial Officer

Melissa Baumann

Melissa Baumann, CPA, serves as Chief Financial Officer for DialCare, Careington International Corporation and its affiliate companies. Melissa's knowledge and background are essential in overseeing tax compliance, financial reporting, treasury management, strategic finance and capital planning. Melissa is responsible for all fiduciary aspects of DialCare and leads all finance, technology, operations and administration teams. Melissa serves as the treasurer of Consumer Health Alliance (CHA), and she is also an active board member of the non-profit organization Families of World War II Veterans.

Rashmi Jain: Vice President of Information Systems & Technology

Rashmi Jain

Rashmi Jain has been with Careington International Corporation since 1999 in the information systems/information technology arena. As the Chief Information Officer, she is responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating, directing and personally participating in all phases of the development and maintenance of Careington's strategic information systems, which include all hardware, software, security and web initiatives. During her tenure at Careington, Mrs. Jain and her team of dedicated professionals have successfully implemented countless large-scale client and internal projects, working to ensure that in today's competitive and evolving environment, Careington stays ahead of the technology curve. Mrs. Jain has a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Delhi University and a Master of Business Administration in Information Systems and Healthcare from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Jeremy Hedrick: President od DialCare

Jeremy Hedrick

Jeremy Hedrick is the President of DialCare and is responsible for the overall visionary leadership and strategic growth of DialCare. During his tenure with DialCare and its parent company Careington, Jeremy has held senior leadership roles within provider network development, customer support, compliance, fulfillment, product development and claims administration, helping him shape the industry from every point of view, including customer, provider, regulator, claims payer and even international expansion.

Dr. Roger Moczygemba

Dr. Roger Moczygemba

Roger Moczygemba MD graduated from Texas A&M Health Science Center and trained in Family Practice in the Navy. During his career, he has worked in Family Practice, Occupational Medicine and Urgent Care. Dr. Moczygemba is a pioneer in the telemedicine industry and has been on the leading edge of telemedicine for many years. Dr. Moczygemba feels the most important part of the health care system is the patient.