DialCare strives to make telemedicine as accessible and easy to use as possible for all our members. However, there are times when a state's governing body, laws and/or policies require DialCare to place restrictions on certain key features or access to our products. Below you'll find current state exclusions and disclaimers.

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Sessions are only available by video in the following states: Arkansas, Oklahoma

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Sessions are only available by video in the following states: Arkansas, Colorado, North Carolina, Ohio

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DialCare Virtual Primary Care is available to members 18 or older in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Not available in New York.

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DialCare Psychiatry is available to members 14 or older. The program does not prescribe DEA-scheduled controlled substances. Video consults only.

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Available in all states.

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Available in all states.
Please Be Advised: Virtual Vet does not provide diagnoses or prescriptions for your pet. Our licensed veterinary professionals inform, advise and guide you on the next best steps to take for the health and well-being of your dogs and cats.

If you have any questions about the telehealth laws in your state, call us at (855) 335-2255.

Please note: State exclusions and disclaimers are subject to change at any time. Check back often to stay informed on the latest information for your state.