FRISCO, Texas (December 6, 2017) - Careington International Corporation, a leading product and service aggregator in the non-insurance discount programs industry, today announced its plans to launch a new telemedicine company, DialCare, in January 2018.

DialCare will operate as a Careington affiliate company and offer employers, organizations, individuals and families a comprehensive telemedicine solution that provides around-the-clock access to non-emergency care from a nationwide network of licensed physicians.

DialCare's features will include 24/7/365 phone and video chat access to fully credentialed physicians, quick and seamless e-prescribing, a convenient mobile application and on-demand customer service from its U.S.-based support team.

"Telemedicine has become one of the most requested and valuable products among a growing and diverse population," said Justin Hajek, Director of DialCare Operations. "Our comprehensive telemedicine solution helps to improve access to care when it matters most, and in ways that are the most convenient and meaningful to consumers."

For employer groups and other clients, DialCare will provide a secure, scalable and cost-efficient solution that can be customized and co-branded to meet each client's unique needs and business model requirements. DialCare is fully HIPAA, PCI and HITECH compliant and can be offered as a standalone option or within bundled combinations.

DialCare's direct-to-consumer telemedicine program will provide individuals and families with a modern solution that improves their access to getting professional care for common ailments and non-emergency medical situations. Members will be able to easily connect with licensed physicians via phone or video chat while traveling, away from home, on nights and weekends, during holidays, or when their primary care physician is not available.

As an extension of Careington's portfolio of products and services, DialCare will draw from the company's nearly four decades of experience in the health care industry and over 10 years in the growing telemedicine space. DialCare will leverage Careington's industry-leading, network-building expertise to offer a custom telemedicine solution that provides access to a wholly owned, directly contracted network of physicians.

In January 2018, Careington will officially announce the launch of DialCare. For more information now, to sign up, or to request a custom quote or proposal, go to or call DialCare toll-free at (844) 677-2255.

About Careington International Corporation

Since 1979, Careington International Corporation has provided affordable, money-saving solutions to members in the U.S. and is the first company to bring discount dental and vision programs to the U.K. through affiliate company Munroe Sutton. Today, Careington provides more than 15 million members with access to its coveted networks, products and services.

Dedicated to improving access to affordable care, Careington's non-insurance discount plans can be marketed as stand-alone products or can complement more traditional insurance options to deliver savings for under-insured or uninsured individuals. Through affiliate company Careington BenefitSolutions, a nationally licensed Third Party Administrator (TPA), Careington offers niche insurance plan administration and other benefit aggregation services. Careington and Careington BenefitSolutions together are a single-source solution - poised to work with any client or customer to create cost-effective solutions that improve the affordability and accessibility of quality health care.

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