FRISCO, Texas (May 2, 2024) - DialCare is excited to announce the debut of its new podcast, "Dialed-In on the Virtual Care Journey." This monthly podcast series will aim to help listeners navigate the ever-evolving landscape of virtual care by providing the latest industry news and expertise.

The inaugural episode, which officially debuted on March 28th, 2024, introduced co-hosts Jeremy Hedrick, Chief Operations Officer of DialCare, and Becca Bean, Senior Vice President of DialCare, as they shared their respective backgrounds and experiences in the telehealth industry. They also gave listeners an overview of the pandemic's monumental influence on the virtual care landscape and how DialCare quickly adapted to expand its suite of virtual health solutions.

"It is inspiring to be part of an industry dedicated to delivering accessible, affordable and convenient care," Mrs. Bean said. "We're thrilled to use this podcast platform as an opportunity to share our passion for virtual care and open the conversation about its growth and impact on patients across the nation."

The second episode is now live and dives deeper into DialCare's innovative programs and services. Future installments will highlight advancements in the telehealth field and feature insightful discussions with guest speakers, including health care providers and other industry experts.

"Even with our collective experience in the telehealth field, we know there's always more to learn," Mr. Hedrick said. "In addition to sharing our own insight, we look forward to speaking with pioneering, forward-thinking guests about their unique perspectives within the industry."

"As an innovative, adaptive leader in the virtual care space, DialCare is excited to launch this podcast series as a new way to connect with our audiences," Stewart Sweda, Chief Executive Officer of DialCare, said. "I'm confident Jeremy and Becca's conversance with virtual care will engage listeners as they foster the conversation about its impact and future."

DialCare welcomes individuals from the health care industry who are interested in being highlighted as a guest on "Dialed-In on the Virtual Care Journey." If you have interesting or valuable expertise to share about your experience with telehealth, we invite you to reach out. All inquiries can be emailed to DialCare's Digital Media Manager, Kenneth Faith at [email protected].

Listeners can stream "Dialed-In on the Virtual Care Journey" on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and watch on YouTube.

DialCare offers a robust suite of telehealth solutions including Physician Access, Mental Wellness, Teledentistry and Virtual Vet. DialCare's virtual health programs are available to organizations of any size or industry, employees of any status, brokers, benefits consultants and individual consumers nationwide.